The Unicorn Program is now focused on providing digital marketing support for artists through the creation and promotion of music videos. To enable us to achieve this goal we have started a new organization, The Unicorn Project GTA Inc., which will be completely committed to providing content and a unique platform to allow Canadian musicians to be exposed to a wider international market. Ultimately, the goal of The Unicorn Project is to capture live music and give the Greater Toronto Area’s best musicians the opportunity to bring their art alive.

“David Gilbey has gone above and beyond with the launch of his Unicorn Project GTA. He has helped many independent artists, including myself, make world class live videos for no expense to the artist. In a world where music is no longer purchased, it’s important for the future of our creatives to have this kind of support. These videos have helped increase my fan base and because of them, I have secured many festivals and shows for 2020. I am currently on a 34 date tour across Canada with Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea) and we used these videos as promotional material. The feedback has been amazing. I’m incredibly grateful for David and Tim’s expertise. The shoot was efficient and professional. I wish there were more people like David in this world. Thank you for supporting up and comers with the creation of great online content.”

Kelly Prescott (2020)

In the fall of 2019, I was afforded a great opportunity of having The Unicorn Project GTA produce three videos of songs from my newly released Debut Solo Album, “Music and Motorcycles” at no cost to me!

To set the stage, I am a 56 years young woman who worked as a police officer for all of my professional life and while I reveled in the opportunity to keep my community safe in that capacity, my very first love was music. To say that what David Gilbey and The Unicorn Project does for Indie Artists is exceptionally generous and critical for any Indie Artist is an understatement. For me, as a “mature artist” stepping into their career as musician having retired from another, David never hesitated, and my experience was he saw me as viable and genuine an Musical Artist of the younger generation of artists we are used to seeing be promoted! This was significant for me and David was as open and receptive to me and my music!

Kae Shelby (2020)

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If you are an artist interested in working with The Unicorn Project we will be happy to hear from you and will always respond to your inquiry. We do have limited resources so we will consider each request carefully.

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The Unicorn Project had the pleasure of building off a history of working with local charities to provide entertainment for fundraisers and events.


​February 25, 2018

Financial Support for the Shine Annual concert at Lula Lounge with music by Quique Escamilla, The Layrite Boys and Tim Bovaconti & Patrick Allcock​​

April 19, 2018

Financial Support for a musical celebration of women and girls by the Equality Effect’s 160 Girls Project in Kenya with music by Melanie Doane, Ruth Mathiang, and Big Night Out!

April 27, 2018

Financial Support for Hope Rising fundraiser for Herizon House with music by Stacey Renee


January 24,2017

Financial Support to the Cobalt Award Toronto Blues Society

March 5, 2017

Financial Support to 8th Annual – Shine Concert Featuring Laura Cole and the Devin Cuddy Band

​​​ ​Sunday March 5, 2017

Financial support for SHINE! Concert with the Devin Cuddy Band and Laura Cole

Friday April 28th 2017

​Financial support for Hope Rising Herizon House Fund Raiser ​with Stacey Rene